Jamie Earnest

(b. 1994)

2016     BFA Carnegie Mellon University

Jamie Earnest, Caution/Ascension, 2017, oil, foil, paper, enamel, ink and graphite on canvas, 40 x 65 in  (101.6 x 165.1 cm), JAE0002

Selected Exhibitions

Exclamation Point, Union Hall, Denver, CO

Seeking Truth, Brew House Association, Pittsburgh, PA

Thicker Than a Sticker, Vulcan Materials Gallery, Birmingham, AL (solo)

Metaphorical Motorcycle, The Union Hall, Pittsburgh, PA (solo)
Faux Lasik, Imagebox, Pittsburgh, PA (solo)
Three Women Three Painters. Gallery One, Pittsburgh, PA
Chosen by Artists Who Teach, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg, PA
Memory Palace, Equity Gallery, New York City, NY
By Means of Play, Gallery One, Pittsburgh, PA
Heat Wave, Cindy Lisica Gallery, Houston, TX

The Apotheosis of Homer, Jinji Lake Art Museum, Shozhou, China
Speak For Yourself, Framehouse & Jask Galler, Pittsburgh, PA
Arts City Austin, Cindy Lisica Gallery, Austin, TX
Fine Wind, Clear Morning, Cindy Lisica Gallery, Houston, TX

Private Spaces and Public Personas, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA (solo)
Your Home or Mine?, Cindy Lisica Gallery, Houston, TX (solo)
Holes in Real Space, The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh, PA (solo)


“Jamie Earnest”
23 January 2020


“Exposures: Private Spaces/Public Personas at The Warhol Museum”

9 February 2016